2012 Award Winner - Evergreen Landscaping - PerennialsHow are Landscape Industry Certified Designers qualified?

Experience/Education Requirement:

To complete this certification process the candidate must show documented evidence of six years of full time experience in landscape design.

Written Exam Requirement:

Candidates must successfully complete each section of the Certified Landscape Designer written exam; with a minimum grade of 70% in each section required

Portfolio Requirement:

Candidates must submit a Landscape Design portfolio of 3 projects completed by the candidate (with at least 3 client references to confirm that the work was completed by the candidate) that meets the Portfolio Submission Guideline. The portfolio is judged by a Jury of academic, design/build members of CNLA or CSLA and a representative of the regional Landscape Industry Certified Designer group.

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What is a Certified Landscape Designer’s role in the design and construction process?

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