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Investment in landscaping is a smart move. But many property owners go to effort and expense, then find themselves wishing they had started with a plan. Eliminate the risk. Hire a Landscape Industry – Certified Landscape Designer (CLD) and enjoy the results.

Why a Landscape Industry Certified Designer (CLD)?

There are many reasons to seek the services of a qualified Landscape Designer, indicated by the CLD designation. Good landscape design requires far more than creativity. Creativity without horticultural expertise and an extensive knowledge of site engineering will only lead to disappointment in the finished product.

Only CLDs have the mandatory education and professional expertise, and have written and passed an intensive exam and review process. Only upon proving such proficiency can a candidate be considered for the Certified Landscape Designer professional designation.


How are Landscape Industry Certified Designers qualified?

What is a Certified Landscape Designer’s role in the design and construction process?

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